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Studz Gilded Bead Bolo - Knotted Gold Cord

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Instantly sharpen your personal style with the bold elegance of our Studz 1/4" Gilded Beaded Bolo Collection. Big enough to make a statement but still comfortable and designed for anything from denim to business attire. With an emphasis on craftsmanship, this uncomplicated design carries a fluid pattern that flows around the wrist and draws the eye closer. Effortlessly exude any vibe you like wearing a definitive piece from our beaded collection. 

Finely gilded ¼” beads are threaded on a light gold colored high tensile cord and expertly knotted after every bead to add strength and perfect symmetry. Elegant on its own and plays well with others for layering with different pieces. Our Beaded Bolo Collection is highly versatile, comfortable, and a timeless choice to accent any outfit. 

Choose an 18K Gold, Rhodium (Platinum & Silver), or a Glossy Black Titanium gilded finish to accent using different colors of this braided rope. This 1/4" size bracelet has a bolo-tied rope connector and perfectly adjusts to a wide variety of sizing. 

Aurum, the Studz gilded bolo bracelet, is a beautifully handcrafted bracelet that is a staple for any Studz. This is also a highly recommended gift due to its flexible sizing. 

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