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How to Get a Better Fitting Bracelet

Bellas & Studz, has a design element that sets our luxury bracelets apart from the others; Our exclusive 1/4" inch sizing, these extra sizing choices create a tailored fit for your bracelet so both the look and feel of your bracelet is perfect. 

We also pride ourselves on creating bracelets that use beautiful exotic leathers, stunning semi- precious gems and easy to use connectors.

The perfect fitting bracelet requires proper measurement of your wrist size and an understanding of the comfort factor you also want in your bracelet.

These two factors, wrist size and your own comfort factor, will determine the perfect size bracelet for you to order.  

For our women’s collections, we have up to six different size options - as opposed to the normal two or three - and our bracelets can fit wrists as small as 5.5 inches and as large as 7 inches.  

In our men’s bracelets, we offer up to eight sizes and that will comfortably fit wrists between 6.5 and 8.25 inches.

For unique size requirements, please feel free to contact us

Step-by-Step Guide to Measure Your Wrist

1. Start off by selecting the wrist you plan to wear your bracelet on to measure. You may be surprised to hear that the size between your left and right wrist can vary, just like it can with your shoe size.

2. Determine where you plan to wear your bracelet on your wrist. Do you want something that sits closer to your wrist bone or further up your arm?

3. Wrap a soft tape measurer (recommenced) around your wrist at the point where you plan to wear your bracelet.

3a. If you do not have a soft tape measurer, you can also use a thin rope or cord. Wrap it around your wrist, mark the end point and then measure it next to a ruler or use your free cell phone measurer application.

4. Next, you’re going to add your comfort level. Your comfort level just helps determine how much extra space you want between the bracelet and your skin.

4a. For a tailored fit (the bracelet won’t typically slide over your wrist bone), add 1/4” to your wrist measurement. This is the fit style shown on our models. 

4b. For a relaxed fit (the bracelet will slide with ease over your wrist bone), add 1/2” to your wrist measurement. This allows for more movement with your bracelet over your wrist. 

4c. For a loose fit (the bracelet will glide up and down your wrist with movement), add 3/4” to your wrist measurement.

5. Add your wrist size measurement + your comfort level, this is the size of bracelet to order. 

As an example, my wrist measures 6 inch. I love a tailored fit, so I add 1/4 inch to this size. The total is now 6¼ and this is the size of bracelet (6¼ Inches) I will choose to get the perfect fitting bracelet. 

That’s it!

By following these steps you will ensure your Bellas & Studz bracelets fit exactly how you want them to. If you are still unsure, please contact us at and we can help and even send you out a free measuring tape. 

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