About us – bellasandstudz


Bellas and Studz is a partnership between a wife, her husband, and a team of creative professionals and craftspeople. We all share a passion for beauty and excellence.

This collaboration was born out of a husband’s admiration for his wife, Bella, and her sense of style. With an innate ability to polish an outfit with a flair of matching metals, a pop of color, or accented pattern to accessorize her look, it is easy to see why the creative muse is now the lead Designer of Bella and Studz.

But there’s another woman that shapes our story. A mother who handed down her knowledge as a custom jewelry maker to her son. From the ins and outs of the custom manufacturing process to the intricacies of gold, silver, and precious gems, Bellas and Studz took shape.

What makes Bellas & Studz stand out among other luxury jewelry brands is customers can always expect the perfect fit. With an incredible focus on creating a comprehensive line of sizes, including sizes for every ¼ inch, we have eliminated the problem of your bracelet fit being too snug or too loose.

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