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Bellas Stingray Obsession Nail™ - Blue Lagoon

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Blue Lagoon embraces a variety of shades of blues and subtle greens within its rich pearl skin, which is buffed to shine and sparkle. Make a fun fashion statement with the distinctive look of our handmade Stingray Leather Obsession Nail Bracelet™ Collection. 

Offered in breath taking colors and vibrant hues, our Stingray collection draws inspiration from the coloration that commonly reflects the seafloor's shading or rich coral reefs. Artfully crafted, the exotic leather is expertly tanned to bring out the high-quality finish of this durable yet supple skin. The caviar-like, small pearls of the Stingray amour are polished, leaving a smoother structure that is then buffed to glisten and sparkle when the light hits. 

The nail’s artistic aesthetic comes in a gilded 18K Gold or Rhodium (Platinum & Silver) finish. Or choose to level up your look with our flawless pavel-infused gem accents adorned with 17 fine-cut, real gems for unmatched brilliance and shine. A convenient powerful magnetic connector becomes a key element of the overall design. It's secure and easy to put on and to take off the bracelet.

The Stingray Leather Obsession Nail Bracelets are meticulously designed to embody the principles of relaxed confidence through chic detail. 


The perfect bracelet looks amazing and also fits perfectly. Please read the step-by-step instructions below to ensure your bracelet fits you as great as it looks.

1. Choose the wrist you plan on wearing your bracelet on (Yes, your right and left wrist can measure a ¼" or more differently). 

2. Determine where you would like to have your bracelet sit on your chosen wrist. 

3. Measure your wrist at the point where you plan on wearing the braceletIdeally use a tape measure. You can also use a thin rope or cord and mark the start and end points as you fit the cord around your wrist. Then measure the cord against a ruler. 

4. Add your comfort level - Add a minimum ¼" extra to your wrist measurement size for a tailored fit (typically this will not slide over your wrist bone). Add a ½" extra space between the bracelets measured fit size and your wrist measured size for a relaxed fit (typically will slide effortlessly over your wrist bone). Add ¾" extra space between the bracelets measured fit size and your wrist measured size for a loose fit (typically your bracelet will slide up and down your wrist as you move your hand). Adding your own comfort level allows you to customize your fit preference for your bracelet.

5. Take your measured size and add your comfort level factor (¼" for a tailored fit, ½" for a relaxed fit, ¾" for a loose fit). 

6. Using the total measurement you figured out above, now match this size to your exact inner measurement size for your Bracelet. For example, if your wrist measures 6.00" and the comfort factor you wish for is ¼ or 0.25 inch (a tailored fit), you would choose 6.25" (6¼)" for your bracelet size.

7. Enjoy your perfect fitting bracelet! 😊 

Bella's & Studz has built its brand on styling bracelet that fit perfectly. We only specialize in bracelets, which allows us to offer the widest variety bracelet sizes. Six sizes (not one, two or three sizes) are made to fit wrists as small as 5½ inches up to 7¼ inches. Each of our bracelet sizes is hand crafted to size and then remeasured. 

*The time spent following the measuring instructions will help ensure you get the perfect looking bracelet and the perfect fitting Bella bracelet. 

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