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Bellas & Studz – Perfect Size Information Guide

“A Perfect Fitting Bracelet is a Perfect Looking Bracelet” – Bella F

Bellas & Studz designs Bracelets to fit to the nearest ¼ inch.  Precise sizing choices offered by Bella gives you the ability to have your bracelet fit right and fit comfortably - Just like your watch, which allows you to size your fit to the nearest ¼ inch. Bella believes you deserve this level of fit and comfort with your bracelets too.

This size guide helps you expertly measure your wrist, so you get that perfect fit with your Bellas & Studz bracelets.  Almost all other Bracelet Jewlers offer sizing to the nearest ½ inch and many only even to the nearest inch. This can leave you hoping for a purchased bracelet that fits well, but leaving you often a bracelet that fits too large, or too small.  

Our goal is a bracelet that looks great, fits great, and that you love to wear. By offering the widest variety of sizing (5+ sizes for our Fashion Bellas line, and 8+ sizes for our Fashion Studz line), we are able to deliver you a tailor fitted bracelet every timeOur sizing is designed specifically for US sizing (Inches) and then metric sizing (centimeters) for our international customers. A tailored fitted bracelet first requires proper measurement. Please read our instructions below to properly measure your wrist so you can then determine your perfect bracelet size. 

Let’s start!

  1. Choose the wrist that you plan to where your Bracelet on – Measure the chosen wrist. Many of us have wrist sizes that vary between our right wrist and left wrist. The main reason for this is that your dominant hand tends to have a larger wrist measurement. Differences between right and left wrists can be as much as ¼ or even ½ inch at times. First choose the correct wrist to measure. 
  2. Next, determine where you want your bracelet to sit on your wrist – Measure at that place. Most people prefer to wear their bracelets below their wrist bone or below their watch, while others prefer to wear their bracelet above their wrist bone, or even higher – such as above your watch. The spot you plan to wear your bracelet on your wrist will often change the size of the measurement.Adding a comfort level – which we speak about below, will help you figure out how much extra space to add in purchasing the right size bracelet. 
  3. Measure the chosen wrist at the point chosen according to your decisions in #1 & #2 above.
    1. Ideally, use a soft measuring tape or request a free Bellas & Studz measuring tape.
    2. If no measuring tape is handy, use a thin cord (or even tape) and wrap the cord around your wrist marking the start and end points on the cord. Then, Layout the cord against a measuring tape and determine your wrist size measurement (circumference). 
    3. Ensure you are not measuring your wrist with the tape too tight or too loose. You neither want to be cutting off your circulation or measuring your wrist with too much slack. To do this ensure the measuring tape (or cord) has enough space to turn without creating friction or cutting your circulation off as your wrist moves. This measurement will be referred to as a “Tight Fit.” A tight fit, is the measurement that does not cut off circulation in any wrist movement, but is not loose enough to sag – It fits tight. Most people wear their watch in a tight fit measurement.

  1. Add The Following Comfort Factor to Your Tight Fit Measurement.
    1. For A Tight Fitted Bracelet – Do not add a comfort level Your tight fit measurement is the size you order. Many people may find this a little uncomfortable for a bracelet to as the bracelet will have little extra space to move and some bracelets are also rigid and firm. However, is this is the look you seek, add nothing to this measurement and order the size determined as the tight fit in #3. The finished look on this bracelet is tight fitting. 
    2. For a Tailored Fitted Bracelet – Add ¼ Inch to your Tight fit measurement (or about ½ cm in metric sizing). This comfort factor is designed to allow your bracelet to have a comfortable feel on your wrist, yet it won’t travel up or down on your wrist as you move your arm. This look is tailored fitted. Example; If a Studz measured his wrist with a tight fit measurement of 6 ¾ Inches, you would add ¼” to this for a tailored fitted bracelet and would then order a bracelet at size 7” or size 7.00”.
    3. For a Relaxed Fitted Bracelet – As above and add ½ Inch (or about 1 cm in metric sizing) – This comfort factor will allow your bracelet to freely float over your wrist bone, yet not enough that the top of your bracelet can freely rotate to the bottom position. The look – Relaxed. Example: the Tight fit measurement for a Bella is 5.5 Inches, then add 0.5 Inches and order size 6.25” for a relaxed fit.
    4. For a Loose Fitted BraceletAs above, and add ¾ Inch or more (about 1 ½ Cm or more) – This comfort level is for people who want their bracelet to travel freely up and down their arm as they move their arm.  At this comfort level, the bracelet can occasionally float from topside to bottom side. The look – A loose fit. Example: A Studz measures his wrist at 7 ½ Inches but would like a loose fitting bracelet and would adds ¾ inches to this. The bracelet size for purchase would then be for 8 ¼” or 8.25”.

You can also figure out your comfort level size and the right size to order by adding extra space as you measure your wrist. This system works too, but please remember that measuring tapes are very flexible and soft. Many bracelets do not fit the same (or have the same flexibility) so be cautious when using this method of measuring. 

  • How do I find a bracelet size for a gift:
      1. The easiest way to do this is to measure an existing flexible bracelet that fits great on the person your gifting. Please keep in mind, that the thicker the bracelet you measure, the more inaccurate a strait measurement will be. Try and choose a thin bracelet for this method – the thinner the bracelet, the more accurate the measurement will be. 
      2. You can also purchase a bracelet that has more flexibility in sizing – like our bolo or adjustable chain bracelets. 

    You can always rest assured that any bracelet purchased through us has a 90 day satisfaction guarantee. We can also send a complimentary measuring tape out with your purchase. 

    If you have any questions on finding your perfect fit, or the perfect fit for a gift, please reach out to us under the contact Bella section.

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