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Classic chevron gets an elevated twist. Oro, our newest creation that defines style, class, and adds presence. Created by merging two popular bracelet styles together - a ¼" chevron link bracelet adds a vibrant light gold cord which is hand braided between every link. 

Change the game of your wristwear with the distinctive artistic flair of our Studz Trends Bracelet Collection, an easy everyday accessory. A melody of color and shape perfectly blends to create this bold and inspired collection. Making it an essential piece for any jewelry wearer, whether you're sporting it on its own or stacked alongside your favorite watch. 

Constructed with a metal chevron chain that is skillfully woven with a sturdy braided cord that intermixes the two materials through the entire length of the bracelet to achieve a re-imaged classic pattern. While visually delightful, the smooth styling is designed to lay flat on a wrist, adding to its comfort.  Multiple braided cord styles are available in the Trend Collection, making it one of our more versatile styles for mixing and matching with other Studz bracelets for an on-trend layered look.

Hardware is available in an 18k Gold, White Rhodium (Platinum/Silver finish), 18k Rose Gold or a Black Titanium PVD finish to customize your look. 

A fashionable push-button clasp becomes a key element of the overall design. It features a mechanism that relies on a button that must be pushed to release the closure, making it secure and easy to put on and take off the bracelet without causing any damage.  


*To ensure a great fit, please read the below. Bella's & Studz has built it's brand on styling bracelet that fit perfectly. We only specialize in bracelets, and in doing this, we offer our bracelets in the widest variety of sizes. Seven sizes (not three or four) are made to fit wrists as small as 6.5 inches and as large as 8 inches. Each of our bracelet is handmade and then remeasured to ensure accuracy.

*Fit sizes are based on true fit sizes (inner measurement circumference of the bracelet). Measure your wrist with a (preferably with tape measure). Add a minimum  ¼" extra to your wrist measurement size for a tight fit. Add a ½" extra space between the bracelets measured fit size and your wrist measured size for a tailored fit. Add ¾" extra space between the bracelets measured fit size and your wrist measured size for a loose fit. A loose fit will generally fit high on your wrist (above your watch). Adding your own comfort level allows you to customize the fit of your bracelet to your preference for loose space. 

The Trends bracelet is also designed to be stackable and mixed with other trends bracelets. Add a combination of colors by stacking two or more different colored trends bracelets. Make a wider bracelet using two of the same bracelets - Stacking two bracelets together creates a ½" wide bracelet.! Layer or match your Trend Bracelet design to your outfit and create your personalized look. Have fun and Improvise

The colorful handmade Trends Bracelets stand above the crowd due to the cross braiding of the colorful high tensile cord. The resulting unique color combination allows you to tie your outfit together from head to toe. The Studz Trend Bracelet collection is designed to be durable, long lasting, and combines smart fashion with style and a little fun!  

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